Friday, April 11, 2014

Ugandan President Signs Anti-Gay Bill Into Law

I think I'm most shocked by the fact that it's called the "Kill the Gays Bill"...

But I'm very much interested in the historical transnational cultural implications of the Ugandan's stance on homosexuality overall.  I wonder how this kind of rooted cultural attitude is reflected in transnational "black" (and specifically African American) attitudes about sexuality.  Moreover, how much of it is disproportionately reflective of conceptions of rigidly defined black masculinity? Though it is a blanket anti-homosexuality law, I think much of it is a counterassault  on black men who, by cultural standards, have "shunned" the expectations of heterosexual identity that are so often thrust upon black men world-wide.  Is this (almost) anachronistic, atavistic, demand of heterosexuality (or at least the appearance of it), a contemporary emergence of a problematic historical root from which all of our current resistances to sexual fluidity grow?  From the root grows the tree.  From the tree spawns the fruit.  

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

HIV Prevention: PrEP

Very important information on PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis), an emerging prophylactic pre-treatment for all persons who are sexually active, that significantly diminishes the potential for HIV infection.  Whether you're heterosexual, homosexual, or otherwise sexually self-identified, it's imperative that you take preventative measures to ensure you don't get infected with the virus.  If you're sexually active, it is certainly better to be safe than to be sorry.  With the alarming rates at which African Americans are being disproportionately affected by the disease, this is information every black man and woman should be familiar with. The bottom line is, we have now reached an era in history in which HIV doesn't have to be the threat it once was.   More information on PrEP can be found at  Circulating this information could be crucial in cutting down the alarming rates at which HIV/AIDS infections are happening every day.  I'll be writing more about this in future blogs, but for now I just wanted to throw the video up in an effort to lay the foundation for future discussion. Feel free to share and definitely check out the backlink.  

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